Thursday, 26 November 2009

You can choose not to carry a knife

Anyone who knows Crofton Park will be familiar with our 'ample supply' of fried chicken places. However, whether or not cheap and greasy is your style it's interesting that the police have started supplying, free of charge, those little boxes that your meal comes in.

I'm sure that's a very welcome cut in costs to these small businesses. However, it isn't because the Boys in Blue have a famous love for fast food. In fact it's part of an anti-knife campaign.

Chicken Box Anti-Knife Advert
The box says;

READ THIS: It could stop you going to prison.

In prison;

You CAN'T go to chicken shops whenever you want
You CAN'T hang out with your mates
You CAN'T see your family whenever you want
You CAN'T wear what you want

But right now;
You CAN choose not to carry a knife

In terms of targeting their audience this is genius. Whether or not anyone reads a chicken box and thinks "Yeah, I'm going to leave my knife at home next time," well, that's another story - but all credit to the police for trying something a little bit different.

Of course, it might help everyone if there was a little more variety in places to go in Crofton Park. I'm sure chicken shops have their role to play in combating crime, but a few more community spaces might also help tackle crime.

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