Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Appeal for Simon Nundy?

Over the next few months you'll hear a number of people tell you this election is all about the Tories vs Labour. To think you have any other kinds of choices in front of you is just messy thinking (also known as political choices). Just to hammer home this point I thought I'd flag up the campaign for Simon Nundy, Tory candidate for Mayor of Lewisham.

As you can see from this screen shot from MyConservatives he definitely feels he's the man for the job and who am I to disagree? He's got the kind of business brain that will get Lewisham moving it appears if only he'd apply that brain to his campaign which has been taking a bit of time to get off the ground.

He's just three pounds fifty more away from printing a few leaflets. Who knows what he might do if you donate a tenner! Proof read his statement perhaps.

Remember donating "is simple, speedy and secure". Well, it's simple and secure anyway... maybe some of the bigger donations have got backed up in the pipeline.


SamuelCoates said...

Not the most substantive of posts! The guy's MyCon page only went up on Monday afternoon.

Jim Jepps said...

Welcome to blogging! Just a bit of fun Sam, just a bit of fun. I'm sure he'll come a strong fourth :)

I've always avoided using thermometers myself until I've already raised a bit of cash as it looks bad to have it down at zero.

John Jacobs said...

A posed photograph shaking the Mayor of London's hand doesn't do much for the image.

I received a survey letter by post this morning, so the campaign is active; I'm not sure how active because I've not heard of Simon Nundy and don't know wheher or not he has "the life and business skills to get our borough moving" that the survey letter promotes. With £0.25 spent on posting my survey (and how many others?), perhaps there aren't too many helpers to hand-deliver promotional materials. Or is Simon Nundy not controlling costs as well as they might be controlled? Hmmmmm .....

My view is that we desperately need a new Mayor in the borough, but I've no idea what Simon Nundy stands for.

Incidentally, a request for whoever is elected - please keep in mind that whatever materials the Council distributes, mayoral self-promotion misuses Council Tax (Please note, Mr Bullock).

Anonymous said...

I too have received a survey from the Conservative Party. Jim Jepps might be interested to know that I have received nothing at all from the Green Party!

Keep the campaign positive - knocking the competition says nothing about the Greens and is always going to rebound. You'll not win my vote this way!

Jim Jepps said...

You're right - let's stay positive - although I note the appeal is still at five pounds all these weeks later... he'll never get that extra 3.50 at this rate!

Andrew Scott said...

According to my 15 paged issue of 'The Lewisham Gazette' (pushed through my door this week-end) he is a pub landlord. I don't know if the 'Lewisham Gazette' breaches codes of conduct but it managed to convince my visiting father-in-law that it was a real local rag. The Lewisham it describes makes Afghanistan sound like a sound holiday choice. If you want to knock people for not being positive then please e-mail