Thursday, 22 April 2010

Sights of Crofton Park

Yesterday the London launch of the Green Party's Parliamentary campaign took place in Crofton Park in front of our green Party billboard. For the first time we're standing a candidate in every London constituency and are hoping for an extremely strong result right here in Lewisham deptford of course!


Matt Sellwood said...

To be a male London target candidate you have to be bald, it would seem. :)


Jim Connell said...

Dunno what the poster means.
Its about as daft as the party polit boroadcast the other night, all coloured blocks and things.
Cant imagine why the Greens are wasting money on stuff like this.
Poster looks like its at the bottom of Duncombe Hill. If so its already been replaced by a Cameron one about More Discipline in Schools, whatever thats meant to mean.
Some parties seem to have a lot of money to chuck around.