Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Hand drawn map of Honor Oak Park. Lovely.


Bill said...

She's obviously not from a primary school round here otherwise she would know that the restaurant with a tiger on is the Babur, and she's got it in the wrong place.

And why are you still showing the Council election results from 5 years ago?
Nostalgia for the "green days?"

Wendy said...

Yeah show us the Bellingham byelection results: Greens came 5th with just 100 votes.
Oh dear!

Jim Jepps said...

? All the lovely people have come out to play obviously.

Our paper candidate did quite well to maintain their percentage share (down a touch) I thought - not sure it's much of an indicator of anything except the Greens have never done any work in that bit of Lewisham and didn't do anythin for this by-election as we're working in other bits of the borough.