Saturday, 5 December 2009

Cleaning Up In Crofton Park

While most of Crofton Park is lovely there are several hot spots where residents are blighted with dumped mattresses and all sorts of assorted rubbish. If you are one of those people unlucky enough to be affected by these unofficial dumping zones it’s not just a real eyesore it attracts other problems.

Everyone wants to live in a well maintained, attractive community. There are certain items, like old paint tins, that are far too difficult to dispose of at the moment. By improving recycling and waste facilities, making it easier to get rid of these more difficult objects responsibly, we’d have less dumping.

This also means tackling run down parts of the ward. There are specific sites, which are often invisible to most residents because they are tucked away down side streets, where derelict housing, broken walls and abandoned waste ground create a downward spiral, becoming a magnet for anti-social dumping.

It can often be a number of little things that have been allowed to accumulate which can spoil the quality of life for the whole neighbourhood. It's important not to allow problem areas to develop because once a patch of ground or the garden of an abandoned home becomes established as a dumping ground it’s harder to put right again.

We need a blitz on the handful of problem areas and then make sure we don’t allow them to develop again by making it easier to dispose of rubbish responsibly and clearing away dumped objects as quickly as we can.

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