Tuesday, 2 March 2010

More pot holes

Due to the cold weather there's been quite a few new pot holes opened up around Lewisham, and existing holes appear to have been made much worse. Blog reader Jonathan has brought to my attention the shocking state of the roads up round the Blythe Hill Lane / Montacute Road junction.

I went down and took a few pictures today as the council has already been made aware of the problem but there does not seem to have been any movement as yet.

Mind you the Envirocall number isn't always the easiest experience (I was waiting for over ten minutes today trying to get through for instance). However, this is one of the best ways of reporting problems which you can do at 020 8314 7171 - this is the same number for pest control, discarded mattresses, abandoned vehicles and pot holes.

You can also go online at www.lovelewisham.org to report issues - which also allows you to download photos.

There's certainly been a lot of hole filling going on over the last few weeks, so hopefully we'll see some of this dealt with as soon as possible and we'll see if following up on residents' complaints will do any good. Fingers crossed!


Sue said...

Well done, hope they get fixed. I suspect that highways will say that some of these, eg the first picture, are 'scabbing' rather than potholes and that the only way to deal with them is to completely resurface that section. We had a similar problem with a few roads in Ladywell such as Undercliff Road, which was eventually resurfaced, but wasn't a high priority as it isn't on a bus route.

Jim Jepps said...

Yes. I don't want to be too critical because I see the 'pot hole team' at work and they have a lot to do and that this road has been low on the priority list.

Of course the problem is that this has been allowed to grow. You probably don't get the full horror of it from the first one but that's a very long pair of holes that are quite significant.

The whole area(no pun intended) has been allowed to get run down so it's quite important this area is sorted out asap so it doesn't get any worse.

Natalie Bennett said...

Potentially deadly for cyclists!

Jonathon said...

Thanks for the coverage.

The single pothole or scabbing has been dealt with with a temporary fix.

For some reason when sending a crew out to 'fix' these they ignore the plethora of deep and worse holes in whichever of the streets they used to get to it.

i promise im not obsessed by potholes, but the bedding stone (seems they used flint knappings) is all being churned up and thrown across the street and pavement as cars race between the speed humps. The road becomes unsafe for all users but as Natlie rightly says on a hill potholes can be deadly.