Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Some other London Green Party blogs

This site is one of a number of Green Party blogs around London and I thought people might be interested in knowing about a few of the others.

Round Lewisham we have, of course, Green Ladywell and Green Telegraph Hill, as well as our Mayoral candidate's blog Dean Walton. There's quite a few others further afield, I may have missed a few off but these are the ones that have come to hand, do tell me if I've accidentally snubbed someone!
Obviously there a number of members who run their own personal blogs (like me) but I thought I'd leave them off this list for now and keep it to more 'official' blogging, if there is such a thing.


Matt Sellwood said...

I mainly feel snubbed cos you can't spell my name, good sir...


Jim Jepps said...

All I know is that however I spell it - somehow I get it wrong. Have you considered changing your name to Smith?

Meet me halfway Matt! Meet me halfway.