Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Sights of Crofton Park

I was staring up at this bit rather splendid creation the other day and trying to work out exactly what it was saying. A skeletal figure sat atop the globe in cool shades and triumphantly waving the Union Jack. It's difficult not to see it as a comment on the British Empire.

If you're keen on the old days of the Raj you might see it as a bit of black humour, the Empire dead and only it's bones to remind you of its past splendors. If, like me, you're critical of Britain's past role around the world you might chose to see it as a comment on how the Empire brought death and exploitation with it across the globe.

Whatever you think it means I love the fact that someone has gone to the trouble to put a fun into their community.

The skeleton is not alone of course. Other items on the roof include a huge gorilla and a rocket, whilst inside lurks a large shark on one of the walls.

My question to you is where did I take this picture? No prizes available but the kudos of being first, but what greater prize could there be?


Paul Bell said...

Revisionist comments on history are as dull as they are inaccurate.

Jim Jepps said...

What a surreal comment. What revisionist comments on history? Where? When?

Paul, you might choose to read what I actually said, it might make your attempts to criticize slightly more interesting and give you a veneer of intelligence.

Sue said...

No idea where it is, but could it be a surreptitious attempt to foist another mobile mast upon the good folk of Crofton Park?!

Blythe Spirit said...

Looks like the sign manufacturers at bottom of Blythe Hill lane, just behind the pub.
Does it represent someone on an extreme diet?

Jim Jepps said...

Good call Blythe Spirit!

It might be an unruly customer - as an example to the others :)